The challenge

Physical stores will not disappear, but their purpose is evolving. Customer seek a complete and consistent shopping experience, from online to offline. A broad range of IT tools are available to support brand owners managing their digital brand experience. However, until now brands struggle to manage the “brick and mortar” experience.

“Brand experience suffers when good customer touchpoints go bad”

Mistakes are easily made. The lack of accurate store information, cross-channel collaboration, and in-store confirmation are some of the key issues for organizations.

of organizations rely
on compliance reports
from local staff.

Source: POP trends survey

of organizations believe bottom-line profit can be improved if accurate
store-level information is available.

Source: Retail Store Execution Survey

of campaign materials
shipped out
are never set up in stores.

Source: POP trends survey

of marketers are failing
to measure marketing
return on investment (ROI).

Source: Retail Times
People like consistency. Whether it’s a store or a restaurant, they want to come in and see what you are famous for.

Mickey Drexler, Former CEO and current Chairman of J.Crew Group

Managing brick and mortar experiences

World's first brand center designed specifically for physical brand expressions

With myBrand you will create the same impact in brick and mortar environments as in the digital world. myBrand is a unique brand center, designed specifically for physical brand expressions rather than just digital ones. The myBrand retail solution contains a set of applications specially designed for the retail market, with all its dynamics, to create, manage, and control your brick and mortar brand experience.

myBrand continues where DAM/MRM stop

  • Asset management for brick and mortar expressions
  • Store information
  • Workflows specific for roll out
  • Channel partner management
  • Compliance control


“Measurement brings knowledge”

  • Create and share detailed store profiles with myStores and mySurveys.
  • Create realistic and achievable store concepts.
  • Collect and collaborate on assets, campaign directives, and more with our integrated DAM.


“The smart way”

  • Create and plan phased rollout , including work orders and shipments.
  • Select and instruct channel partners for various tasks.
  • Track progress per store, region, country, or product range.
  • Review and approve results across the globe.
  • Improve the speed and quality of campaign roll outs.


“The proof is in the pudding”

  • Real-time validation of active in-store campaigns.
  • Know where your brand expressions are.
  • Single point of truth for your store information.
  • Keep your brand expressions in shape during their entire lifetime.
  • Check the performance of channel partners.

Apps for retail

Brand center for physical brand expressions. myStores


Get your campaigns in your stores flawlessly.


Organize your activities and get the work done.


Efficiently collect store data, create accurate store profiles.