Buildings and premises

The challenge

Signage is used to provide information, identify, give directions, and to raise safety awareness. However, it is a great customer touchpoint for your brand as well. To bring your brand alive on buildings and premises, you require seamless integration of brand management and facility management. A wide range of IT tools are available for facility management, yet companies struggle to manage their on-premise brand experience.

"Brand experience suffers when good customer touchpoints go bad”

On-premise signage is one of the most basic and yet complex forms of visual communication. Knowing where your brand expressions are and managing their quality and visibility during their entire lifetime are key for the on-premise brand experience.

In development

Currently, we are working very hard on the development of specific applications for managing your brand experience on buildings and premises. We can think of quite a few challenges for managing your on-premise brand experience, but we would like to hear from you what your struggles are and how we can help you!

Challenge us and help us to help you!

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