Creating accurate store profiles

For global retailers, collecting detailed store information and building accurate store profiles is often a time-consuming and expensive exercise.

mySurveys allows you to build, maintain and update accurate store profiles in just a fraction of the time and costs.


Custom surveys with fully digital forms

Build your own custom survey forms with our fully integrated form builder. Create tailor-made survey forms compatible with desktops and mobile devices, allowing you to collect all kinds of data and images.

Schedule and deploy survey teams

Send out survey teams to your stores to collect detailed technical store information. See how your teams are progressing. Allow team captains to delegate activities to fellow team members.

In store surveys

Send out surveys directly to your stores to quickly update store information. Notify your stores through the myStores service portal, and allow your store managers to collect and send the requested information at the push of a button.

Track, analyze, process and share results

Check progress and monitor results instantly. Process collected data directly into myStores to create, update and share store profiles. Analyze survey results in depth with integrated BI.