Know your stores

Correct and complete store-level information is key to the successful management of your brand expressions. High-quality store profiles will not only save you time and money but will significantly contribute to a more consistent brand experience in all your stores.


Create and share detailed store profiles

Collect and share visual store impressions per area. Categorize stores by product range, store concept or geography. Share documents such as permits, emergency exit plans, rental contracts and more. Create your store's single point of truth.

Service portal for your store managers

Keep your store managers informed about upcoming and pending activities in their store. Report issues and maintain store data to keep store profiles up to date. Publish and update store information on Google MyBusiness.

Manage your in-store brand expressions

Register and manage in-store brand expressions. Share cross-channel information like sizes, materials, suppliers, production files, media content and much more.

Manage customer touchpoints

Know where your brand expressions are and how they contribute to the overall brand experience in your store. Get a floor-plan overview, per area, with active in-store brand expressions and all their specific details.