Get your campaign in your stores flawlessly

It is challenging to get your campaign in your stores at exactly the right time on budget on quality. Various disciplines are required to get a campaign from the digital world to the physical one, from store concept to the actual installation.

myCampaigns offers a single collaboration workplace for you and your channel partners to get this job done right, effortlessly and within the right timeframe.


Setup, plan and budget campaigns

Create a single collaboration workspace for your campaign to share digital assets, activities, rollout orders and more. Plan campaigns, rollouts, and activities per store. Setup, view and approve budgets.

Resource management

Collect and share digital campaign assets required for your campaign. Get approval on resources, add comments and share information with your campaign team.

Store concept development

Request store concepts from your channel partners by using predefined workflows and efficient work packages. Get approval on your store concepts by using review workflows, allowing multiple reviewers to review simultaneously.

Premedia management

Manage multiple pre-media jobs per store and allow multiple channel partners to collaborate. Review production files and share your comments and questions with fellow reviewers. Share approved production files with your campaign team.

Production management

Create and plan complete or partial production orders per store for multiple channel partners. Create personalized work orders with direct access to the required production files and information.

Shipment control

Use the built-in shipment and “proof of delivery” workflows to verify the whereabouts and status of your shipped 2D and 3D elements per store. Making sure the store is ready for campaign installation.

Installation management

Digitally create and plan installation orders for your channel partners to allow them to provide real-time feedback with images and comments. View images and comments and resolve issues immediately, while your channel partner is still present on site.

Track progress, view results

Track campaign rollout progress per store. See the stores in which your campaign is running. View by geographical region, country, city, store type or even by product categories. Get a complete visual impression on how your campaign is implemented in each store.